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Safe and Secure Collection with our Amnesty Drop Box

Create a safe space for the public to dispose of prohibited and illegal items, no questions asked. From court houses to police stations and anywhere in between, an Amnesty Drop Box provides your community with a last point of disposal for any prohibited items.


Benefits of an Amnesty Drop Box

Amnesty Drop Boxes are typically placed at the entrance of the facility to be able to provide a safe and secure means for the individual to dispose of any potential contraband before entering the building.

Security is Our Top Priority

Whether you have your cabinet inside or outside, our cabinets are made to last.  With an ASC Drop Box, you can create a safe environment for the general public to dispose of any illegal or prohibited items that are not allowed on-site, knowing that your business, employees, and customers can all stay safe.

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Go Green with an Amnesty Drop Box

The environment is on the top of everyone’s mind in todays world and the construction of our products are no exception. Made from over 65% recycled materials, our Amnesty Drop Box is created with an environmentally framed mind. Eliminating harmful pollutants and toxins from our process, we opt for vinyl graphics vs paint for a winning and GREEN combination.

Lasting & Changeable Custom Graphics

Your Amnesty Disposal Box can double as a marketing tool for your company. With our customizable vinyl graphics, your dull drop box can be changed into an eye-catching marketing tool for your business. Whether you want to create your own look or use one of our vinyl themes, your Amnesty Disposal Box can be branded to your liking. Want to change things up? Our vinyl can be changed depending on your needs, so your investment can be used for different purposes as your business grows.