Standard Drop Box Security Features

Every RX, Amnesty, and Sharps Drop Box comes standard with several security features. Each security feature is designed to create peace of mind for you and your clientele. Our 18-gauge brushed stainless steel optional material upgrade ensures your cabinet is durable and tamper resistant. This will prevent anyone from carving into it to obtain any of the substances or items inside. Our stainless steel comes standard with a lifetime warranty and is a maintenance free material. At American Security Cabinets, we go above and beyond to ensure your investment remains secure and intact for years to come. Check out the video to see our break in attempts on a stainless steel box.

Drop Box Security Feature: Hopper Door

Our hopper design offers industry leading protection from phishing with our zero access baffle.  One of the primary failure points with most drug disposal kiosks is access point. Many have a similar hopper style delivery system, but don’t be fooled.  Without a baffle system or a restrictive design, the kiosk is susceptible to these unwanted phishing attempts.  

The adjustable door with soft close functionality ensures nothing is pinched or gets stuck in the hopper before it can safely and securely fall into the container. Our standard slot openings accommodate any bottle 6 inches in diameter or less, and 12 inches tall or less. The hopper offers a tilt and slide delivery which guarantees safe transport of discarded items down into the container. In addition to these drop box security features for the hopper, it is also lockable certifying collection times are controlled. 


Drop Box Security Feature: Access Door

Making sure the access door is secure is as important a concern as the hopper security. When you purchase an American Security Cabinet Rx, Amnesty, or Sharps Drop Box, you are investing in protection throughout the entire process. The access door has an anti-pry, false wall feature, making it virtually impossible to gain access, without both keys. Additionally, the double-bitted registered keys cannot be copied. Each Drop Box double locking system meets DEA requirements 1317.75(g). Our cabinet comes standard with these drop box security features including the steel wedge anchors.

Technology Features

Notification Light

(RXD-28G & RXD-38G Only)

When your drug drop cabinet is full, the Notification System lights up to make the administrator aware that the inner liner needs to be replaced

Auto-Locking Hopper

(RXD-28G & RXD-38G Only)

The locking mechanism senses when the cabinet is full and locks automatically to prevent overflow.

Drop Box Security Features

Sight Glass

(Law Enforcement Only)

Created for Law Enforcement agencies. An open circle at the top of the unit is covered by a piece of glass to allow Law Enforcement to monitor the amount of prescriptions that are in a Drug Drop Box.

Drop Box Security Features