Drug Drop Liner


At American Security Cabinets we’re constantly striving to do better, be more innovative, and bring you a better product. That’s why we created our Drug Drop Liner system. This system is set up to make it simple to collect medications in your cabinet, and when it’s time to empty it can be done easily and safely.

Drug Drop Liners are a unique solution for your prescription drug drop-off cabinet. Our Prescription Drug Drop Boxes are designed to hold a massive amount of medication. You needed a way to easily and safely collect drugs without complications. New Drug Drop Liners make it simple to collect and safely transport collected prescription medications.

Drug Drop Liners are the result of months of testing to find the best solution for our RX Drug Drop boxes. It is custom made to our cabinet’s specifications to make collection easy. The pack includes everything you need.

Drug Drop Liners include everything you need for safe and effective collection of expired and unused prescription medications.

Available in single and value packs
For RX 450-OW and 450-OC, 710 & 810 models

Available For

Features & Benefits

Key Specs

Model 450-OW/OC Model 710 Model 810
Prescription Drug Drop Box 450 Prescription Drug Drop Box 710 Prescription Drug Drop Box 810
Fits our 450-OW/OC RX Drug Drop box. Custom fit to the interior of the 450-OW/OC. See the box here. Fits our 710 RX Drug Drop box. Custom fit to the interior of the 710. See the box here. Fits our 810 RX Drug Drop box. Custom fit to the interior of the 810. See the box here.
Features: Tested and approved for DOT
DEA compliant
Everything you need for collection and transport
Benefits: Designed to fit American Security Cabinets
Easy to use
Cost-effective solution
Easy to set up
Dimensions fits insider 450-OW/OC, 710, and 810
Max Container Capacity: 350 pounds
Packaging Tested: UN marking CFR 49-178.503
Packaging Group II and III certified


Now that you have your new RX Drop Box, it is time to tell your community, and we can do it all for you! American Security Cabinets offers an exclusive marketing campaign that will advertise your new drop box, explain why it is important, and can even include an incentive to drive customers through your door!

This program includes multiple postcard mailings and an advertisement published in your local newspaper.

RX Drug Drop boxes drive more foot traffic to pharmacies as it is an added service for the community to step into your pharmacy and utilize. American Security Cabinets partners with RepeatRewards to offer our customers a chance to take advantage of their Customer Loyalty Program. This program is designed to generate more return visits and increase sales in your pharmacy.

Learn More about the Spread the Word! Campaign Learn More about the Loyalty Program from RepeatRewards