RX Drug Drop Box Model 710T

Mail Back Kit

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Interior security cabinet made with a low-maintenance, brushed stainless steel material, used to protect your cabinet from harsh elements. Notification Technology included. Learn More.

Easy tilt and slide delivery with anti-tamper protection and a lockable hopper. The delivery system is a one-hand chute opening that can accommodate a 6″ diameter bottle that is 12″ tall. The Notification System alerts the owner with a lit red light when the cabinet is full of prescriptions and needs to be emptied. This cabinet utilizes optional DEA preferred drug collection receptacles for medication recovery. ADA compliant – offers one-hand delivery at ADA height.

Turn-Key solution and marketing packages available (contact us for details.)

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RX Storage Vault

New Hopper Size Auto-Locking Hopper Notification System Light Soft-Close Hopper
Based on customer feedback, we have increased the size of the hopper opening. We have received an immense amount of positive feedback from Law Enforcement agencies and Pharmacies. The maximum hopper size can accommodate a 6″ diameter bottle that is 12″ tall. The locking mechanism senses when the RXD-710T is full and locks automatically to prevent overflow. When your prescription drug drop is full, the Notification System lights up as a bright red to make the owner aware that the box needs to be emptied. Created to reduce the risk of pinching your fingers when dropping prescriptions into an RX Drug Drop. Also reduces any extra noise when opening and closing the hopper door.


Low-maitenance, brushed stainless steel material makes it easy to remove graffiti and other harsh elements. Easily remove graffiti with a scouring pad.
DEA and ADA Compliant to fit the needs of all the communities
Heavy duty construction
Easy installation
Ships fully assembled
Double Lock Access – (2) Brass Locks Double-Bitted Keys Lockable Hopper Anti-tamper protection
Outside Dimensions (inches): 19″ x 20.5″ x 47″ tall
Max Container Size (inches): 15″ x 18″ x 26″ tall
Capacity: 33 Gallons
Material Type: Brushed Stainless Steel
Includes: (4) stainless steel wedge anchors for fastening to concrete
(1) collection container and liner
RXD Notification System Technology
3 Signs:
Place Prescriptions Here Decal
Optional Accessories: Sight Glass available for Law Enforcement to keep an eye on how full their drop is.
Custom cabinet colors
Custom color graphics
Custom signage
Extra Set of Keys (+$26.00)


As compared to other competitive models, American Security Cabinets offers the smallest foot print among other comparable competing products.

Product: Floor Space: Capacity
American Security Cabinets: 380 square inches 33 gallons
Competitors: 374 square inches 12.5 gallons
RXD-710 compared to our other Products:

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