American Security Cabinets was recently featured in an article in Elements Magazine, all about how to start a medication disposal program in your pharmacy. Adding a medication disposal receptacle in your pharmacy gives your patients a place to safely and conveniently dispose of their unwanted prescriptions. Providing a safe disposal service in the local community helps to keep waterways clean, prevents accidental ingestion or overdose, and curbs prescription drug abuse. It’s also a great way to introduce potential new customers to one’s store.

RX Drug Drops can accept both controlled and non-controlled substances, which can help curb the nation’s prescription drug abuse epidemic. Pharmacies are committed to making their community a healthier place and an RX Drug Drop is an easy and affordable way to fulfill that commitment while adding value to their pharmacy. [check out the article to learn more]

If you place a medication disposal unit in your pharmacy, don’t forget to spread the word about it. It’s important to make use of a variety of marketing initiatives with varying focuses. We partner with¬†RepeatRewards¬†to offer a Spread the Word! program to our customers to easily inform those in your community that an RX Drug Drop has recently been installed in your community. See more information below.

Check out the list of DEA Approved Authorized Pharmacy Collectors here.


Now that you have your new RX Drop Box, it is time to tell your community, and we can do it all for you! American Security Cabinets offers an exclusive marketing campaign that will advertise your new drop box, explain why it is important, and can even include an incentive to drive customers through your door!

This program includes multiple postcard mailings and an advertisement published in your local newspaper.

RX Drug Drop boxes drive more foot traffic to pharmacies as it is an added service for the community to step into your pharmacy and utilize. American Security Cabinets partners with RepeatRewards to offer our customers a chance to take advantage of their Customer Loyalty Program. This program is designed to generate more return visits and increase sales in your pharmacy.

Learn More about the Spread the Word! Campaign Learn More about the Loyalty Program from RepeatRewards