Quality Security

It’s in the name – Security. American Security Cabinets produces the most secure cabinets on the market. It is nearly impossible for someone to break into one of our cabinets. Rest easy, knowing that the prescriptions in your RX Drug Drop will remain untouched.

Security Features Include: 

  • Double lock access – (2) brass works registered locks
  • Two double-bitted keys – keys that cannot be copied
  • Lock covers
  • Anti-tamper protection – installed behind the interior push plate. Closes off access to the interior of the cabinet when the hopper is open.¬†
  • Lockable delivery hopper
  • Industrial hinged door
  • Installed with stainless steel wedge anchors and fastened to the concrete¬†

Double Lock Door


Double-bitted Keys

Lockable Hopper

Anti-tamper Protection