Rx Drug Drop Box


RX Drug Drop Box


RX Drug Drop Box


RX Drug Drop Box, keeping you safe

Protect your community and keep unused medications out of the hands of addicts and children. Prescription drug abuse is one of the fastest-growing drug problems in the country.  You can help by installing our RX Drug Drop Box and defend your streets and waterways.

Power of Stainless Steel

There is no comparison when it comes to the strength and durability of stainless steel against aluminum. Make the upgrade to stainless steel for your unused medication and win at every turn:
  • 2.5 times denser than aluminum
  • Less likely to warp or bend under pressure, force, or heat than aluminum
  • Less expensive than aluminum
  • Less likely to rust or stain than aluminum

Stainless steel will stand the test of time and we stand behind every product we create with our lifetime warranty. Peace of mind comes from the purchase of any of our Drop Boxes. Knowing this, ASC is the clear choice

RX Drug Drop Box

Benefits of RX Drug Drop Box

Our RX Drug Drop Boxes are cost-effective and easy to manage through our portal and meet DEA regulations. Our patented liner system ensure drugs are contained, transferred, and destroyed with our Waste-to-Energy (WtE) destruction system. Keep drugs off the streets by installing a Drop Box today!

Worry-Free Tracking

Our partner company, American RX Group, has a management portal that will track your unused medication disposal through its life cycle and provides full historical data of your program’s performance. After installing our RX Drug Drop Box, you can order our patented liners and track your shipment from creation to destruction. With the confirmation of destruction, you’ll receive a certificate and have peace of mind. knowing your medical waste has been destroyed within Title 21 CFR 1317.60 guidelines.
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Secure and Reliable

Our RX Drug Drop boxes are trusted by industries across the country to keep their communities safe. With our drop boxes you will make sure the unused medication placed in the kiosk stays in the kiosk. The anti-tamper protection comes standard in all makes and models of drop boxes.

Go Green with RX Drug Drop Box

The safety of the world comes not only in our concern for keeping unused medications off the streets, but also in how we build our drop boxes. Made from over 65% recycled materials, our RX Drug Drop Box is constructed with an environmentally conscious mind. Add in the elimination of harmful pollutants and toxins by using vinyl graphics instead of paint and you have a winning and GREEN combination.


Lasting & Changeable Custom Graphics

Your Unused Medication Box can double as a marketing tool for your company. With our customizable vinyl graphics, your dull drop box can be changed into an eye-catching marketing tool for your business. Whether you want to create your own look or use one of our vinyl themes, your Unused Medication Box can be branded to your liking. Want to change things up? Our vinyl can be changed depending on your needs, so your investment can be used for different purposes as your business grows.