Auto Locking Security


  • 18-gauge brushed stainless steel material
  • Maintenance free
  • Hand-assembled in the United States
  • Tapered top: Eliminates risk of placing unwanted material on the cabinet top. (not available for RXD-6G)
  • Sight glass (law enforcement only)

Hopper Door

  • Adjustable hopper door
  • Soft-close functionality
  • Accommodates a 6″ diameter bottle that is 12″ tall
  • Tilt & slide delivery
  • ADA height compliant – under 48” tall
  • Industrial hinge door
  • Lockable hopper
  • Anti-Tamper protection
Double Bitted Keys

Access Door

  • Anti-pry (can not be pried open)
  • Two double-bitted registered keys – can’t be copied
  • Double locking system – meets DEA requirement 1317.75(g)
  • Installed with stainless steel wedge anchors

Technology Features

(RXD-28G & RXD-38G Only)

Notification Light

When your drug drop cabinet is full, the Notification System lights up to make the administrator aware that the inner liner needs to be replaced
Auto Locking Security

Auto-Locking Hopper

The locking mechanism senses when the cabinet is full and locks automatically to prevent overflow.

Sight Glass

(Law Enforcement Only)

Created for Law Enforcement agencies. An open circle at the top of the unit is covered by a piece of glass to allow Law Enforcement to monitor the amount of prescriptions that are in a Drug Drop Box.

Sight Glass