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Sharps Drop Box

Proper sharps disposal is a serious public health and safety issue that is commonly overlooked. Appropriate disposal shields the public from transmittable diseases that can be found in used sharps. Purchase an American Security Cabinet Sharps Drop Box and protect your community today!

Power of Stainless Steel

Durable and reliable, stainless steel is the leading choice in metal for your drop box. When compared to aluminum, stainless steel is:

  • Less likely to warp or bend under pressure, force or heat
  • 2.5 times more dense
  • Less expensive

When given the test of time, stainless steel is the clear winner. In addition all of our products are backed with a Lifetime Warranty giving you the peace of mind that you made the right investment.

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Benefits of a Sharps Drop Box

Used sharps are very dangerous to both people and pets if not disposed of safely.  Safe sharps disposal can protect people from injury as well as disease transmission. Our Sharps Drop Boxes provide a safe and secure way to collect used sharps in a compliant and anonymous way.

Lifetime Program Stats with ARXG

Our partner company, American RX Group, provides a management portal to track your used sharps disposal from creation to destruction. It retains full historical detail of your program’s performance, and gives you the peace of mind that your medical waste has been destroyed within Title 21 CFR 1317.60 guidelines.

Safe and Secure

With the adjustable hopper door and soft-close functionality, our Sharps Drop Box is easy-to-use and reliable. The chute provides a tilt and slide delivery that directs all sharps to the collection inside without getting stuck along the way. Your safety is one of our top priorities, and we aim to protect you from risk every step of the way.

Go Green with a Sharps Drop Box

Environmental safety is another of our top priorities, not only when it comes to collecting unsafe items in our drop boxes, but also in how we manufacture them. Made from over 65% recycled materials, our Sharps Drop Box is created with the environment in mind. Instead of painting our drop boxes with harmful pollutants and toxins we use vinyl graphics for a winning and GREEN combination.


Lasting & Changeable Custom Graphics

Your Sharps Disposal Box can double as a marketing tool for your company. With our customizable vinyl graphics, your dull drop box can be changed into an eye-catching marketing tool for your business. Whether you want to create your own look or use one of our vinyl themes, your Sharps Disposal Box can be branded to your liking. Want to change things up? Our vinyl can be changed depending on your needs, so your investment can be used for different purposes as your business grows.