Trade-In Program

At American Security Cabinets, we are committed to removing non-compliant Prescription Drug Drops from circulation. You can help us make your community a safer place for all.

If you currently have a Prescription Drug Drop Box that you are considering replacing for whatever reason, please contact us to inquire about our Trade-In Program.

Trade-In Program Details:

  • We offer ADA and DEA compliant kiosks that exceed DEA mandated regulations
  • Discounts of up to 25% may apply (to kiosk only), if you’d like to trade in your previous unit

RX Drug Drop Security Features:

  • Double Lock Door
  • Anti-tamper guard installed behind interior push plate
  • Lockable delivery slot

See our full line of RX Drug Drops, along with pricing.

Terms and Conditions apply, please contact us for more details.